To register your product for warranty activation, please create an account using the system below.

This is also the system to utilize for returning a marker for repair.

Warranty Statement:

Warranty Support and Service for DLX Technologies (DLX) products is provided by factory trained service technicians and DLX Authorized Service Locations. The DLX warranty is valid for one (1) year to initial retail purchaser. The warranty is limited to defects and workmanship in materials covering  the paintball marker and regulator components. The electronic components and solenoid are warranted for six (6) months. Disposable parts (Batteries, O-Rings, Seals, etc.) are not warrantied. This warranty is effective only if the customer registers their marker online in our RMA system within 30 days of purchase. The warranty is non-transferable.This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts with the customer responsible for transporting the product to and from the Luxe® Paintball Authorized Service Location. 

This warranty does not cover surface damages (scratches and nicks), misuse, or improper disassembly and reassembly.  Attempts made to drill holes or remove metal from external surfaces could degrade the performance and/or safety of the marker and may only be preformed with written approval. The only authorized lubricant for the marker is GR33SE™ Lubricant. Use of any other lubricant could result in reduced performance and invalidation of the DLX warranty. 

Trigger alteration of any kind may result in serious injury, do NOT attempt to alter the trigger assembly in any way. Use of aftermarket components within the bolt system, trigger or other operational components voids any warranty on the modified assembly and its interacting systems. Removal of factory anodizing or other finish voids the warranty of any affected component as tolerances will be effected by such action. DLX strongly discourages use of aftermarket internal components as they may jeopardize the performance and/or safety of your paintball marker.

Important note – Factory Artisan Anodizing:

All of our Splash, Galaxy and Fades are the result of a complex and artisan completed process. As a result each example will have visual variations inherent to the method used to create them. These visual characteristics may include some discrepancies in color or pattern – these visual characteristics cannot be predicted or influenced and are part of the artisan nature of a a hand finished product. These visual discrepancies may present as light colored, dark colored, or silver colored inclusions in the anodizing. They in no way deteriorate the performance of the marker, nor do they reduce the corrosion or scratch resistance offered by the anodizing.

Customers concerned with these potential visual variations are strongly encouraged to inspect the marker prior to purchasing. For customers purchasing online whom are concerned with visual variations should request photos of the exact marker they wish to purchase prior to finalizing the purchase. DLX Technologies will not offer compensation or replacement of parts as a result of visual variations inherent in the artisan anodizing process.