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Why does the Luxe Speak?

As electropneumatic paintball marker technology has advanced, making electronic adjustments to a marker has become more complicated. Professional paintball players don’t have time to look up LED color codes and conversion charts when they are in the staging pit getting ready to go on the field. The Luxe uses a 5-way joystick controller and simple speech menu system for fast, no-hassle programming. Even better, new voices can be downloaded from and installed into Luxe markers with version 2.0 circuit boards, using a Windows based computer, Luxe USB Interface software and included USB/SATA Cable. Additional LED color sequences maintain complete control for the hearing impaired.

Where can I get the Luxe USB Interface software?

The Luxe USB Interface software, Luxe Voice Packs and Luxe Firmware are available in the programming section at

What else can the Luxe USB Interface software do besides loading new Voice Sets?

The Luxe USB Interface software can communicate with Luxe 2.0 circuit boards to read or adjust their settings, download new voice sets, or download firmware updates.

What is Luxe firmware?

Luxe firmware is the software that runs on the Luxe circuit board, handling tasks ranging from detecting trigger pulls and interpreting Vision anti-chop data to firing the Power Core and speaking for the voice menu. DLX Technology may occasionally release firmware updates to keep pace with changing tournament rules or provide feature updates. Luxe firmware files are protected by AES encryption, a security system so powerful that the US National Security Agency has approved it for protecting “top secret” material. By using only properly encrypted update files, the Luxe USB Interface software is able to protect against attempts to load counterfeit firmware that may cause performance problems with the Luxe.

Will the Luxe USB Interface software work on a Mac or LINUX computer?

Although not supported, it may work with the appropriate Windows emulation software.

Will the Luxe USB Interface software work with original or version 1.5 Luxe markers?

The Luxe USB Interface software is only compatible with Luxe 2.0 circuit boards, however the Luxe 2.0 circuit board can be installed into earlier model Luxe markers as an upgrade.

What languages does the Luxe speak?

The original Luxe speaks English with key phrases available in German, French, Spanish or Russian. The Luxe 2.0 circuit board includes a complete Luxe vocabulary in English, German, Spanish and Russian. Additionally alternate voice sets in any language may be downloaded into the Luxe 2.0 with the Luxe USB Interface.

Voice packs can be found here.

Where can I find new voice packs and Luxe USB Interface software for my Luxe?

New voice packs are available in the programming section at

Can I load my own voice into the Luxe?

Information about the file format used for Luxe voice sets can be found in the Luxe USB Interface instructions.

What features does the Luxe voice menu control?

In addition to firing modes and rates of fire, the Luxe voice menu provided complete control over 19 other functions covering everything from eye mode and bolt stick compensation to de-bounce levels and speaker volume.

Other paintball markers have fast bolt removal, why is the Luxe special?

The Luxe Power Core consists of much more than the marker’s bolt – it is the entire valve system. While it is true that fast bolt removal is common on stacked-tube markers, those markers typically require several minutes and a variety of tools to remove their valve systems as well. In contrast, the Luxe Power Core can be degassed and removed in under a second with no tools. All sealing surfaces of both the bolt and valve system are then available for inspection, cleaning or repair – that is only possible with the Luxe.

Why is degassing important?

Typical markers must first have their air system turned off and then be dry-fired (turning off anti-chop eye systems and firing without paint) to relieve pressure between their regulator and valve prior to disassembly or transport. At most paintball fields dry-firing is only permitted on the field or chronograph areas. The degassing valve that is integrated into the Luxe Power Core provides controlled venting of the marker’s internals without the need for dry-firing. Turning off the air system, then unlatching and removing the Power Core completely depressurizes the Luxe.

What else is easy to clean on the Luxe?

Ease of maintenance doesn’t stop with the valve and bolt. The Luxe ball Quick-Latch ball detent carriers double as the marker’s eye covers. Compact rare earth magnets and integral multi-axis machined latches secure the detent covers though even the roughest game. A leading paintball magazine even tested this by firing 10 shots in a row at the detent assemblies from point-blank range. They stayed secure. Despite their solid fit, the detent assemblies may be removed in an instant, without tools for inspection or cleaning.

Why does the Luxe have no kick?

During its firing cycle, only one major part is moving inside the Luxe – the bolt – which weighs in at less than three quarters of an ounce. Additionally the Luxe FeatherTouch manifold provides a pneumatic cushion to ensure that the bolt’s forward movement is smooth, not jarring. With so little mass moving around inside – especially compared to stacked tube poppet-valve markers, or designs with multi-piece spool valve assemblies – the Luxe is smooth as glass, staying on target at even the highest rates of fire. It is also incredibly quiet.

What is different about the Luxe detents?

Plunger style ball detents have become the standard for top-end tournament markers because they provide an unbeatable method of preventing double-feeds, even with the aggressive force-feed loaders needed for high rates of fire. Until now, marker designers have angled detents at 20 degrees to the bolt, because it is easy to drill and tap a 90 degree hole for a screw-in detent system. The problem with this design is that the bolt has to scrape against the rounded face of a plunger or ball bearing to push it out of the way. Thinking ouside the box, the Luxe design team has angled the ball detent plungers of the luxe at 23 degrees to the bolt, so that the ball and bolt push against the detent closer to the direction it actually moves. The result is long detent life, less pressure on fragile paintballs and smoother operation.

How does the Luxe work without hoses?

The Luxe is completely hoseless. Hoses, tubes, hose barbs and hose slip-fit connectors are common failure points in other marker deigns. Strain on the hoses during regular maintenance or even deterioration due to ultra-violet exposure from the sun can lead to ruptures or leaks. By placing integrated gas paths through the Luxe grip frame, body and Integrated Air asa, the Luxe design team has made these kinds of leaks impossible.

Can I use an after-market vertical regulator with the Luxe?

Original Luxe, and Luxe OLED can use aftermarket regulators. The bi-directional mounting system for the Luxe Integrated Air vertical regulator is backwards compatible with ASTM F1750-50 compliant paintball regulators. Use with an after-market hose-based regulator will require use of an aftermarket hose-compatible bottom-line ASA.

Luxe ICE is not compatible with aftermarket regulators.

Are the Luxe body and grip frame made of soft metals?

Absolutely not. The Luxe body, grip frame and structural components are constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy tempered to a T6 level to deliver over 42,000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength, complimented with nickel plated or hard anodized finishes that improve both looks and durability.

What modes of fire does the Luxe offer?

The Luxe is equipped with multiple firing modes ranging from straightforward uncapped semi-automatic to training modes, full-auto, multiple levels of rebound and specific modes for every major tournament series. Calculators and ROF timing tables are unnecessary to set tournament rate of fire limits. Just select the mode, maximum rate of fire in bps and the Luxe is ready to go. Luxe firing modes include:

  • *Semi-Automatic (one shot per trigger pull)
  • *Capped Semi-Automatic (one shot per trigger pull with adjustable Rate Of Fire limit)
  • *NXL (complies with NXL rules with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *PSP (complies with PSP rules with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *Millennium (complies with Millennium Series rules with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *CFOA (complies with CFOA rules with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *Auto-Response (fires on pull and release of trigger with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *Training Mode (helps train to achieve maximum trigger pull rate)
  • *Burst Mode (fires a burst of 2, 3 or for shots when trigger is pulled and held, with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *Full-Automatic (fires repeatedly when trigger is held down, with adjustable ROF limit)
  • *5 Custom Rebound Modes (each of which can be programmed with their own unique ramping characteristics)

How is the Luxe trigger mounted?

The Luxe’s silky smooth ball bearing trigger pivot is suspended perfectly centered between a pair of conical alignment screws, delivering a trigger pull with virtually no side to side play over the entire stroke.

Is the Luxe trigger adjustable?

Not only is the Luxe trigger completely adjustable for pre-travel, post-travel, activation point and resistance, but even its side to side placement can be dialed in to suit your personal taste. All adjustments can be made live, without disassembling the Luxe. None of the adjusters are located on the trigger face, providing a smooth, continuous trigger surface for optimal player comfort.

What kind of batteries does the Luxe use?

The advanced electronics in the Luxe are powered by an internal Lithium-Polymer battery poack. Lithium Polymer represents the latest in rechargeable battery technology. It has become the dominant battery system used in mobile phones and pad devices because it exhibits no charge memory effect, charges quickly and works well in a wide temperature range. It also provides significant power at a minimum of size and weight. A second Li-Po battery is included with the Luxe to allow for a fast change when charging time is not available.

What countries does the battery charger work in?

The Luxe battery charger can be powered by household power outlets cycling between 50 and 60 Hz and delivering between 100 and 240 volts AC/ Although prong-adapters may be required outside of North America, the Luxe battery charger is compatible with standard power outlets in most of the world.

Can I recharge the Luxe using the included USB/SATA cable?

No, the USB/SATA cable is for use with the USB Interface software and does not provide charging power to the Luxe battery.

Can I charge the Luxe from my car’s cigarette lighter?

Yes. Doing so requires the use of a DC to AC inverter, available at many consumer electronic and automotive supply stores. The DC to AC inverter plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter plug and the Luxe charger plugs into the adapter.

Luxe also offers an optional cigarette lighter specific charger (not included).

What type of “eyes” does the Luxe have?

The Luxe uses an optical break-beam sensor to ensure that a paintball is completely loaded before firing, virtually eliminating the possibility of a chopped ball. Operating at a wavelength of 630 nanometers, the Luxe Vision system detects paint that can fool longer wave infra-red “eyes.”

What barrel comes with the Luxe?

The Luxe is equipped with a 14-inch Luxe 3-piece barrel. The Luxe barrel is compatible with optional Freak inserts, allowing it to adjust for optimal performance in any paint or weather situation without requiring the weight or bulk of multi-back barrel systems.